Rhinos Group

Corporate social responsibility

Our commitment to sustainable development

In a global context of change and urgency, our Rhinos Group is also committed to change in order to contribute to today’s challenges.

We also aim to do better and bigger to be better for our employees, our customers and our planet.

Because let’s not forget,

We don’t inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

See you in 2024!

Our 4 CSR pillars

Contributing to the well-being of our employees
Reducing our environmental impact
Contributing to more responsible consumption
Ensuring ethical, reliable and secure marketing

In a few words, our first actions

Joining in 2023 PACTE MONDIAL

Consult our membership

Elimination of the 3-day waiting period
for all sick leave taken by our employees

Élargissement de notre gamme "Bio
& responsable"
in our gift shop

Carrying out our CARBON ASSESSMENT
over the 2022 reference year

Electrically assisted bicycles available
for our employees commuting to and from work